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Passion for Pritzy, Passion is Success

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Who is Pritzy?

Everyone can be Pritzy. We dare you to be!

Pritzy is a lifestyle brand and a fashion brand. We love fashion. We particularly love vintage fashion. Our product collections are vintage inspired. We explain why our brand is inspired by vintage here. But ultimately, Pritzy is a lifestyle brand. It is a brand that’s focus is about living confidently, boldly and timelessly.

It isn’t about following the trends. It’s about empowerment and inspiring our community to live confidently and boldly, by finding their inner beauty. To feel confident enough, to be bold on the exterior to wear whatever they want, to be as colourful or eccentric as they want.

We believe at Pritzy that once you find and accept your inner beauty you can embrace your outer beauty to its fullest. Our brand is to encourage our community to embrace your beauty and ‘dare to be Pritzy’.

Our Pritzy journey

We want to share our journey with how and where we are today, running Pritzy as a team and our passion about being Pritzy and becoming Pritzy.

The Pritzy brand is a female owned business and trademarked brand. Established in 2013, starting as an in-store boutique based in East London. To later becoming an online boutique, shipping products worldwide. We are very proud of the Pritzy brand and online marketplace we have created at


Being Pritzy is a lot of hard work but a lot of fun. Running Pritzy is very rewarding and like any business or brand it has endless possibilities. There is always an aspiration to expand the collections and add new and exciting products.

We love our branded Pritzy Signature exclusive products and are excited to be working on some great product ideas to introduce to the collection.

The Pritzy blog is something new. We are very excited to have launched the blog with the intentions to further inspired our community through fashion, beauty and lifestyle articles. One article at a time, covering trends, product updates and news. We are collaborating with some other great brands, influencers and writers. So, something to watch out for!

Have passion, not just big ideas

A major point that we have learned at Pritzy and are still learning! Is to have passion. Start with passion and keep it. Many have asked the question, “what is the secret to creating and managing a successful business?” Many have answered “having a brilliant idea!”

Correct. Yes… But there is more to it than that right?

Absolutely. The above response is very true, you need to have a brilliant idea. When Pritzy started is began with the idea of an elegant boutique selling elegant gifts that make people feel special. BUT… it is not only having the ‘big idea’ that allows Pritzy to be successful.

Over the years, we at Pritzy have learned that you can stumble upon many ideas and ways to grow you brand or business. But you can try out many new things and also fail at everything! Find what you are passionate about and stick at it.

Passion, keeps the momentum going. So even when ideas don’t work out for whatever the reason. The passion is what allows you to keep trying and move on to the next idea to grow.

The team at Pritzy, love what our brand represents and are passionate what we are building and growing into. The key to making a success of it, is to figure out which of those big ideas we are most passionate about and sticking with it to make it work. If you have passion for your ideas you will want to spend the vast amount of time to make them work. With passion comes dedication, commitment and perseverance towards making your ideas work.

Portrait of Woman Holding Vintage Camera
Credits: Ozan Çulha
Something we take great pride in at Pritzy. We have passion.

Our key points for passion

To demonstrate passion, you need to have the following:

  • Dedication to commit for the long term
  • Tenacity to keep going when times get tough
  • Determination to see things to the end
  • Hard work to get things done
  • Desire to help your community

Decisions, decisions, decisions

One of the most difficult tasks we have at Pritzy is making decisions. Why? Because we are so passionate. Our desire to serve our community is so strong that we want to get things right, which often means making some really tough decisions. Some of these initial decisions include:

  • The decision on what type of business and brand you want
  • The decision on who you want to attract to join your community
  • The decision on the name of your business or products
  • The decision on how to brand or model your business
  • The decision on what the short term and long term goals should be

You’ll find that once the above core decisions are made, the rest is up to you and the team to implement the earlier success points mentioned. But to run a successful business, many decisions need to be made on a daily basis. It’s important to know the goals of the business to be able to make the right decisions. As each decision affects the outcomes for your business. Decisions determine whether your community or customers will be satisfied or not. So it’s important to know what’s required to make them happy, first. Understand what they want and how you can provide it.

Why are we doing this?

Before you can fulfil the above, decision making. You must first pinpoint why you are pursuing your business. What is driving you? What are the benefits? What is the key motivator?

Understand the benefits of your business

At Pritzy, we want to empower and inspire our community through our brand, which is our real benefit and purpose. We are passionate about encouraging people to find their confidence and embrace their individual beauty.

When you start a business it’s really important to understand what the benefits of your business are and what will be driving you to want to do it in the first place. It could be because you are a parent, you want a flexible earning potential, or you simply want to own something that you have created and built from scratch, or like us, you want to help people, or you just simply want to be rich! (But usually it takes more than just wanting money to succeed. There’s normally a bigger reason as to why you want the money. What is that big thing or experience you want that requires money?)

Even with passion, take time out

During these first years of developing Pritzy and striving to build a winning business. The working hours were long and endless. Some of the challenges we faced with Pritzy have been immense. Much more than university can ever prepare you for! One of the best rules that really helps us at Pritzy, is to take time out.

Take Breaks Throughout the Day

It is really important for our team to take breaks throughout the day to stay revived. Even with passion it is very easy to have moments of exhaustion, uncertainty or feel unmotivated.

Feeling guilty for not working is also a real thing!

But it is really important for us that we know when to take a time out, go for a walk, read a book, listen to a podcast or browse the web. Sometimes you just need to be distracted which is the perfect time to take a break.

Taking a break helps to deviate the temporary feelings of being overwhelmed, burnt out or worse, feelings of failure. So it’s ok to take a break from it all. You’ll be amazed how refreshed you become, and how much it benefits the business. Taking breaks miraculously allows you to come back to the business all ready to go and make it a success.

Winning and seeing it through, all the way to the end.

From the ‘aha moment’, to drafting a business plan, to making a financial investment, to putting in the long days and late nights. It is this process of ‘continuation’; persistence, hard work and dedication that makes all the difference to making your business a success. All of which is dependent on passion.

So now you’re winning because you continued to work on building your successful business. This is our approach at Pritzy. With our passion for what we are doing, we are exciting to continue this journey with you, building and helping our community.

If you are starting a business. What are your reasons? Do you have passion?

Share in the comments below.

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