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  • The Origins and History of Fascinator Hats

    The Origins and History of Fascinator Hats

    Step into the enchanting world of fascinator hats Where elegance meets eccentricity in the most captivating way. Adorned with feathers, flowers and intricate designs. Philip Tracy, the designer of Princess Beatrice’s headpiece made from vintage rose satin, defines fascinators as small adornments for the head that are attached to combs, wires or clips and perch…

  • Vintage Fashion and Plus Sizes

    Vintage Fashion and Plus Sizes

    The word’ plus size’ has gained currency in the last decade in fashion—a moniker most designers and brands are quick to make their own to authenticate their offerings with an ‘inclusive’ tag. After all, the global plus-size market is estimated to have a global annual worth of $194 billion. But dig a little deeper, and…

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