Pritzy is an online brand and luxury gift company. The company URL Pritzy.com is an online vintage inspired marketplace with a beautiful collection of vintage and vintage inspired luxury gifts and accessories. The company was launched in April 2013 by founder and director, Stacey Bernard and is fast becoming a respected fashion brand and online platform, selling products to customers worldwide.

As a women owned business, the importance of Pritzy is also to inspire other women to feel empowered to follow their own dreams and to enter the world of business and free enterprise. Many of Pritzy’s followers are women so we wanted to share our view on what we see as the key point to starting your own business, paving the way to become a success.

Many ask, including me. So what is the key to success? My view…. Simply having a brilliant business idea. Yes, absolutely! But more importantly putting in the hard work and having the determination to sell your idea to your target market.

The thing is, it is not only having the big idea that makes you successful. I have learnt that you can stumble on many big ideas over the years, try out new things and also fail at everything! The key to making a success is actually figuring out which of those big ideas you are most passionate about and sticking with it to make it work. To make it a success, you have to see it through all the way to the end. From the ‘aha moment’, to drafting a business plan, to making a financial investment, to putting in the long days and late nights, to later reaping the rewards. It is this process of ‘continuation’; persistence, hard work and dedication that makes all the difference to making your business a success.

During the recent years of developing Pritzy and trying to build a winning business, while also becoming a new mother! The challenges faced have been immense, more than university can ever prepare you for. But the key is that if you have passion for what you are doing that will get you through the challenges and it makes the experience, albeit difficult at times, but overall very enjoyable and the rewards immeasurable.

From the director of Pritzy

Stacey Bernard

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