Like being a mother, getting into business is a long fulfilling, dynamic journey. Building a business is a long term gain. The benefits are more than just the financials. Building and running your own business as a woman brings a sense of pride and courage that money cannot buy. The feeling of contentment and the passion that drives it is the biggest reward. Don’t get me wrong, there are times when you forget to eat, or forget to watch TV, missing over 8 episodes of Coronation Street and when the hubby’s feeling ignored and left out, (but knowing its for a good cause and it’s not personal) times can get quite tough. Sometimes you may forget what it’s all about, to later be reminded when you see the progress and see the growth of what you are creating. ‘Time management’ is vital which is the subject upcoming post!

So to all the women reading this blog post, be encouraged, be inspired and stick with your passion and the process of continuation. The rewards will show themselves. Best Wishes!

From the director of Pritzy.

Stacey Bernard


Empowering others.

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