Acorn Natural Handmade Wooden Chopsticks


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The opulent Acorn natural handmade wooden chopsticks, set of 3 pairs.

Gift boxed.

Material: wood

Chopstick length: 23.5cm


Care Instructions:

The colour may vary due to the natural nature of the wood.

Coated with a natural plant sealant to reduce friction, prevent bacterial growth and corrosion, prolong life, colour and texture.

After use, clean and wipe lightly with olive oil or edible oil and hang to dry to preserve the wood.

We recommend that you do not use boiling hot water, because it can destroy the wood, greatly reducing lifetime.

Before first time use, we recommend soaking with salt water for about 3-4 hours, then normal cleaning routine can be used.

After cleaning the surface of wood products there is a rough feeling, this is normal.  With increased usage, the wood is likely to become more and more smooth.