Blu Birdie Baby Crochet Wooden Rattle Toy Set


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The adorable and comforting Blu Birdie baby crochet wooden rattle toy set.

Set includes: 1 hand grip rattle, 1 pacifier chain, 1 tube rattle, 1 bracelet rattle

Gift boxed.

Materials: cotton yarn, wood, polycotton filling


Material features: latex free, nitrosamine free, phthalate free, BPA free, PVC free

Different shapes and shaking sounds to help stimulate listening, shape identification and coordination.

The clip can be attached to teething rings, toys, car seat straps.

Bird toy size: app.13 x 7cm

Tube rattle size: approx. 15cm

Pacifier chain length: approx. 27cm

Bracelet size: approx. 6cm