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Posted by Director, Stacey Bernard

Posted by Director, Stacey Bernard

Engaging and empowering others.

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The struggle to do both jobs is very real!

As a mother and having a woman owned business, I want to use the Pritzy blog platform to inspire other women to follow their dreams, by sharing some best practice tips I have learned along the way.

It is a lot of hard work! But equally a lot of fun and can lead to a very rewarding and lucrative outcome.

Have Passion, Not Just Big Ideas

Many have asked the question, including me, “what is the secret to creating and managing a successful business?” and many have answered (including me), “having a brilliant idea!”

And yes, absolutely! This answer is true, BUT it is not only having the ‘big idea’ that makes you successful. I have learned that you can stumble on many big ideas over the years, try out new things and also fail at everything!

The key to making a success of it, is actually figuring out which of those big ideas you are most passionate about and sticking with it to make it work.

But more importantly you need to have the following:

  • Dedication to commit for the long term
  • Tenacity to keep going when times get tough
  • Determination to see things to the end
  • Hard work to get things done
  • Passion to sell to your target audience

Decisions, decisions, decisions

One of the most difficult tasks is making decisions.

  • The decision on what type of business I want
  • The decision on who I want to target my business towards
  • The decision on the name of my business
  • The decision on how to brand or model my business
  • The decision on what my actually end goal is!

Why are you doing this?

Before you can fulfill the above, you must pin point why you are pursuing your business, what the benefits will be and what is driving you to want to do it in the first place. It could be now you are a mommy you want a flexible earning potential or you want to be rich! Or you simply want to own something that you have created and built from scratch! What are your reasons? Share in the comments below.

You’ll find that once the above core decisions are made, the rest is up to yourself to implement the earlier success points mentioned. 

Take Time Out, Have Long Naps with Baby, the TV or a Good Book!

During these first years of developing Pritzy and striving to build a winning business, while also becoming a new mother. The challenges faced have been immense; more than university can ever prepare you for! I find that one of the best rules that really helps, is to take time out.

When those moments of uncertainty kick in, or you feel unmotivated and guilty for not working. Sometimes you are simply distracted by family stuff or other things that need doing around the house. For example, baby might not be weening so easily, or your sore from nursing, or just not getting enough sleep! So your not feeling 100%. This is perfect time to take a break. 

It’s important to remember one of the key benefits to running your own business is that you manage your own time.

It’s ok to take a break from it all; a day, 2 days, or maybe a week. Taking a break helps to deviate the temporary feelings of being overwhelmed, burnt out or worse, feelings of failure. 

So take naps with baby or fall asleep while watching your favourite television show and wake up feeling refreshed. You’ll be amazed how refreshed you come back to the business, all ready to kick it off and make it a success again.

Winning and seeing it through, all the way to the end. 

From the ‘aha moment’, to drafting a business plan, to making a financial investment, to putting in the long days and late nights, to later reaping the rewards. It is this process of ‘continuation’; persistence, hard work and dedication that makes all the difference to making your business a success. 

So now your winning because you continue to work on building your successful business. 

Always remember…

If you have passion for what you are doing, that passion will get you through the challenges and it makes the experience, albeit difficult at times, overall very enjoyable and the rewards immeasurable.

What are your goals? Share them in comments.

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